Commons Reports

The Asian Deep Dive (report from October 2012 workshop)

The European Deep Dive (report from December 2012 workshop)

The Commons: Prosperity by Sharing (report by Silke Helfrich et al., October 2010).

The Commoners at Crottorf Castle (report from a retreat of commoners, June 2009), Parts IPart II, and Part III

Helfrich, Silke, and Rainer Kuhlen, Wolfgang Sachs and Christian Siefkes, The Commons -- Prosperity by Sharing, Heinrich Boell Foundation [Germany], November 2010. [pdf file, 50 pages]

The Commons Rising, by On the Commons, 2005. [pdf file]

State of the Commons, by Tomales Bay Institute (later, On the Commons), 2002/2003. [pdf file]

Kranich, Nancy, The Information Commons:  A Public Policy Report, The Free Expression Policy Project, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, 2004.