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Deep Dive Reports

Re-imagining Value: Insights from the Care Economy, Commons, Cyberspace and Nature,"   a Commons Strategies Group Deep Dive report (September 2016):  Many commons advocates believe there is great strategic value in developing a shared, alternative theory of value -- one that could challenge the standard fables of capitalism and the price system, and recognize the role of various nonmarket realms such as the care economy, eco-stewardship, digital communities and diverse forms of commoning.  

“Democratic Money and Capital for the Commons,” a Commons Strategies Group Deep Dive report (Sept. 2015):  A survey of commons-based forms of money and finance, from public banks and social and ethical banking, to alternative currencies, open value networks, and reforms of the fiat money system.

“State Power and Commoning: Transcending a Problematic Relationship,” a Commons Strategies Group Deep Dive report (March 2016):  Our attempt to get a better conceptual grasp on how commoning can be supported and decriminalized in the context of nation-state power.

“Toward an Open Co-operativism: A New Social Economy Based on Open Platforms, Co-operative Models and the Commons,” with coauthor Pat Conaty.  A Commons Stratregies Group report (March 2014):“open-co-operativism”  An exploration of how open platforms and the co-operative movement might pioneer new commons-based forms of provisioning and governance.

“A New Alignment of Movements?” with coauthor Pat Conaty.  A Commons Strategies Group report (February 2015):, A New Alignment of Movements_ February 2015 _0.pdf  A dialogue among activists from movements involved with co-operatives, peer production, transition towns, degrowth, the social and solidarity economy, and others.


"800 Years of Commoning: A Berlin Dialogue Hosted by the Commons Strategies Group," at the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Berlin, Germany, September 9, 2016.  Bollier talk, "Who May Use the King's Forest? The Meaning of Magna Carta, Commons and Law in Our Time." Video.  Text.