"Flow" Documents World Water Crisis

Another excellent film about the privatization of water and the brave efforts to fight it — Flow: For Love of Water — is opening in theaters around the U.S. The documentary, directed by Irena Salina, interviews scientists and activists around the world about the growing global water crisis. While most people expect that clean water will always be there by turning on the tap, in fact supplies of fresh water are disappearing or being privatized by a global water cartel. Watch the trailer here and visit the film’s website here to locate a theater near you that will be showing the film.

The New York Times’ review of the film offers high praise:

“Irena Salina’s astonishingly wide-ranging film is less depressing than galvanizing, an informed and heartfelt examination of the tug of war between public health and private interests. From the dubious quality of our tap water (possibly laced with rocket fuel) to the terrifyingly unpoliced contents of bottled brands (one company pumped from the vicinity of a Superfund site), the movie ruthlessly dismantles our assumptions about water safety and government oversight.”