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The Lost Right of Gleaning 12/18/2014 15:16pm
Degrowth, the Book 12/12/2014 12:13pm
The Capacity to Perceive the Commons 12/09/2014 15:56pm
Video Explains the Importance of Subsistence Land Commons 11/29/2014 12:41pm
New Film Documents Commons-Based Peer Production in Greece 11/23/2014 11:15am
Crowdfunding Campaigns for CommonsScope & STIR 11/22/2014 16:17pm
The Art of Commoning 11/11/2014 14:25pm
Omega Institute Hosts First Major North American Conference of Commons Activists 10/28/2014 09:52am
A Paradox to Savor: A High-Quality, Free Economics Textbook 10/22/2014 16:47pm
Inspiring New Film, “Voices of Transition,” on the Agriculture That We Need 10/20/2014 18:40pm
Co-ops and Commons: Exciting Convergences in the UK 10/15/2014 16:18pm
Burning Man as a Commons 10/07/2014 11:01am
John Holloway on Changing the World Without Taking Power 10/06/2014 09:47am
Two New Audio Recordings about the Commons 10/01/2014 09:23am
Faircoin as the First Global Commons Currency? 09/30/2014 15:52pm
On the Dangers of Monetizing Nature 09/23/2014 15:25pm
"Think Like a Commoner" 09/23/2014 09:21am
"The Art of Commoning" 09/23/2014 09:19am
"Think Like a Commoner" 09/23/2014 09:14am
Kostakis & Bauwens: Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy 09/18/2014 14:02pm
IASC Commons Releases Six Short Animated Videos 09/16/2014 11:27am
The 4th International Degrowth Conference: New Convergences 09/11/2014 14:50pm
A New Anthology, "From Bitcoin to Burning Man and Beyond" 08/25/2014 09:48am
Peter Barnes: Leverage Common Assets to Reduce Inequality 08/19/2014 14:10pm
The Teatro Valle Occupation Ends -- and a New Theater Commons Begins 08/11/2014 11:06am
Recognizing a Human Right to the Commons 08/08/2014 14:46pm
Degrowth Conference, Leipzig, Germany 07/19/2014 19:10pm
Lessons of DIY Urbanism in a Syrian Refugee Camp 07/18/2014 11:38am
What Does a Post-Growth Economy Look Like? 07/15/2014 15:50pm
Save the Teatro Valle Commons in Rome! 07/08/2014 16:18pm
The Great Promise of Social Co-operatives 07/01/2014 14:49pm
From Spain’s 15-M Movement: The Charter for Democracy 06/26/2014 15:44pm
Gender and the Commons in India 06/25/2014 13:47pm
Probing the Commons from the Inside: Heather Menzies’ New Book 06/24/2014 14:24pm
The Former CIA Spy Who Discovered the Commons 06/19/2014 20:34pm
Advancing a New Legal Architecture to Support the Ecological Commons 06/16/2014 10:08am
The Commons as a Growing Global Movement 06/14/2014 15:30pm
The Commons as a Model for Ecological Governance 06/12/2014 07:26am
The Human Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment 06/10/2014 18:20pm
The Importance of Vernacular Law in Solving Ecological Problems 06/08/2014 10:10am
Green Governance: Reimagining Our Stewardship of Nature 06/06/2014 15:08pm
Think LIke a Commoner 06/04/2014 14:56pm
Eben Moglen: "Snowden and the Future" 06/04/2014 14:37pm
Pixelache Helsinki 2014 06/02/2014 16:10pm
A Tragic Tale of Enclosure, Poetically Told 05/29/2014 14:39pm
Affective Labor as the Lifeblood of a Commons 05/24/2014 19:30pm
Fixing the Law’s Bias Against Sharing 05/21/2014 15:20pm
Zen Mountain Monastery 05/21/2014 11:11am
OuiShare Awards Focus on Pioneering Commons Innovations 05/16/2014 15:56pm
CommonsFest in Greece: A Movement Expands 05/13/2014 14:32pm
A New Online Archive for Karl Polanyi’s Work 05/08/2014 12:47pm
Participatory Budgeting Gets Some Traction in the US 05/07/2014 13:44pm
Ecuador’s Pathbreaking Plan for Commons-Based Peer Production: An Update 05/06/2014 15:58pm
The Psychology of Negotiations in Commons 05/02/2014 17:58pm
Envision This! Radio Show 04/26/2014 14:49pm
Celebrate the 82nd Anniversary of the Kinder Trespass! 04/25/2014 16:00pm
Bauwens Invites Pope Francis to Help the Maker Economy 04/25/2014 10:48am
Spotlight on “Think Like a Commoner” 04/23/2014 11:37am
Finally: Open Source Broccoli and Kale 04/20/2014 21:15pm
Will Bitcoin and Other Insurgent Currencies Reinvent Commerce? 04/16/2014 15:53pm
Derek Wall’s “The Commons in History” 04/14/2014 15:45pm
Walking Paths as Commons 04/12/2014 12:40pm
Save Medialab Prado! 04/10/2014 10:52am
The Commons and the Legal Left at Harvard Law School 04/08/2014 12:23pm
Loomio: A New Tool for Inclusive Decisionmaking 04/04/2014 12:20pm
“Stop, Thief!” – Peter Linebaugh's New Collection of Essays 04/02/2014 16:12pm
Poetry of the Commons 03/26/2014 17:56pm
Bauwens: Use a Peer Production License to Foster “Open Cooperativism” 03/22/2014 21:54pm
University of Vermont 03/22/2014 21:29pm
Kosmos Journal – and My Conversation with James Quilligan 03/20/2014 17:00pm
Regional Food Commons as a Systemic Answer 03/18/2014 20:22pm
Upcoming Conferences on the Commons 03/14/2014 10:52am
Omega Institute Conference 03/13/2014 10:15am
Book Party, Pt. Reyes Station, CA 03/13/2014 10:13am
Harvard Law School 03/13/2014 10:11am
Book Party, Amherst Books 03/13/2014 10:09am
Bristol Town Hall 03/13/2014 10:08am
Sustainable Living Expo 2014 03/13/2014 10:04am
Joseph Sax's Quest: Legal Protection for Collective Interests 03/11/2014 13:57pm
My Essay on the Commons and the Great Transition Initiative 03/05/2014 09:04am
The FLOK Society Vision of a Post-Capitalist Economy 03/02/2014 15:16pm
The Principles of LiquidFeedback 02/26/2014 15:18pm
Water Cooperation and Political Security Go Hand in Hand 02/24/2014 11:00am
Now Available -- Think Like a Commoner 02/20/2014 16:41pm
English Pubs as “Assets of Community Value” 02/18/2014 17:07pm
Lessons from the Corporatization of Couchsurfing 02/14/2014 10:17am
Mary Wood’s Crusade to Reinvigorate the Public Trust Doctrine 02/10/2014 16:20pm
The Enclosures of Appalachian Commons 02/06/2014 15:48pm
Max Haiven on the Capitalist Enclosure of Imagination 02/02/2014 14:23pm
Goodbye, Pete Seeger! 01/28/2014 16:04pm
Morozov on the Maker Movement 01/27/2014 14:42pm
Reflecting on the Recent History of the Commons 01/22/2014 10:30am
A Special Issue of the Web Journal Lo Squaderno 01/15/2014 12:15pm
British Green Party Calls for Public Control of the Money Supply 01/09/2014 11:21am
Coming Soon: Think Like a Commoner 01/02/2014 17:12pm