The Story of Cap & Trade

Global warming is such an alarming subject — and so complicated as a political and policy issue — that many people just avoid it. Fortunately, Annie Leonard, who produced the celebrated educational video, The Story of Stuff, has come out with a brilliant new video, The Story of Cap & Trade. It’s a highly accessible account of how the "cap and trade" system for controlling carbon emissions is deeply flawed as a solution for global warming.

"The Gleaners and I"

After seeing a famous painting by Francois Milet, Les Graneuses ("The Gleaners"), of a group of women stooped over picking up leftover stalks of wheat, French documentary film maker Agnes Varda began to wonder about modern-day gleaners — the people who scavenge their food from the scraps that our modern industrial society discards as waste. She wondered about trash in our modern times: “Who finds a use for it? How? Can one live on the leftovers of others?"

Science Commons, the Video

Science has never been jazzier. Director Jesse Dylan -- the director of the Emmy- award winning Yes We Can Barack Obama campaign video -- has teamed up with Science Commons to produce a short video explaining why science is the ultimate remix. It’s a great primer on the special challenges facing scientists in sharing and collaborating, and it’s licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Watch the video here.